Circuit F*@#!ng City

logoA living breathing dinosaur.  What has happened to Circuit City. I have spent the last five years of my life wasting away at a company that doesn’t even have the good sense to pull it’s head out of the water when it is drowning.  Oh well, I guess those fat cats at the corporate office know so much more than me. I have only spent most of my waking hours for the last five years living in the once prosperous land formally known as CC.

Anybody that has worked at CC in the past will know if they visit one of these stores that the entire world has changed in such a very short time. We recently recieved a video message from our new leader, a vampire with no facial expression, Jim Marcum  (seriously, I think this guy is a vampire –  no, seriously)  He’s telling us that the problem with the company is  that nobody is buying from us because we aren’t trying to sell shit hard enough (paraphrasing).  The whole jest of the video is that CC still has 30,000 associates that are “incredibly committed and passionate about the survival of the company . . . Our Company”.  Really? Do you think the high school flunkies are just as concerned with their jobs as the guy who has been with the company for 10 years. BULL SHIT! Here-in lies the problem.  The average starting wage at CC is now $6.65/hr.  This is minimum wage.  No shit.  So I do a little reconnaissance at the local Wal-Mart. You know you love them.  They start out the lowest paid associates (cart pushers) at $8/hr. WTMF? (What The Mother Fuck for you newbs)

This is the fundamental problem with CC. Nobody cares anymore. I shouldn’t say that. I care because my family relies on the wage I make at CC to survive. Almost nobody cares. Everything started going to shit when they fired the “overpaid” employees simply for making too much money. Now they pay high school and college kids $6.65/hr and they couldn’t give two shits if the company they work for opens the goddamn doors next week. They could make more money pushing a fucking cart at Wal-Mart.


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