white-flour1So, I spend a lot of time reading on the internet. Whether its blogs or just news stories or just anything that I might find relatively interesting, I will probably read it. This is my me time. I enjoy this.

The thing that makes me want to burn the entire internet down at this moment is “firsters”. (No, you perve I didn’t say fisters)

Firster. [first-er] -nounĀ  1. Those fuckers that go to websites, blogs, etc and write “FIRST!” as their only reply just to annoy the fuck out of me.

No seriously that is the definition.

I cannot stand a firster. What is the fucking point? You want people that you will never meet to automatically know that you are a fuck stick douche clown? Goddamn it! You just need to rest the barrel of a shotgun against your molars and pull the fucking trigger. Do us all a favor. Enough for today, I can feel my blood pressure rising.


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