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Facebook (or) How to Alienate Your Friends

Posted in Rants on May 2, 2010 by thetylerw

Ok, this one goes out to all you facebookers out there.

Things that I can’t stand because of Facebook:

1. Nothing in life is personal. The second something happens, no matter how miniscule or how “personal”, it gets spewed forth on this jabbering headless thoughtless forum called facebook.

2. Your political views. I have a certain political view. I am certain that my political view is right (I should say “correct”). I don’t give a fuck if you think that your political view is “right”, chances are you are just some backwood racist hillbilly. There is a reason why it is not socially polite to talk politics or religion so shut your stupid fucking mouth.

3. Your games. If you insist on giving me gifts or asking me to work on your farm or participate in your war, I will unfriend you so fucking fast. I could not give two fucks what mythological creature you are or what movie badass you are. You are not a farmer nor are you a mafia boss. You are not a mythological creature nor a movie badass, you are a fucking idiot with an internet connection.

Shut the fuck up.



It’s been like a thousand years. . .

Posted in Rants on May 1, 2010 by thetylerw

Holy shit it has been a long time since I have posted anything on this site. I get so caught up in something and do that one thing for a month straight then just lose interest  . . . I guess it has something to do with ADD or ADHD or OCD or something that has to do with some capitalized letters that don’t spell a word and they get that red squigly line underneath them except for ADD which spells add . . . What the fuck was I saying?

Welcome back to my site. I will try to post more here and I am inviting some of my friends to come here and just mouth off about some random shit so here goes . . .

WTeffinF? Everybody stop what they are doing and visit this website. Did you visit? Did it change your life? Did you throw up a little bit in your mouth and swallow it ? Me too. Stephen Baldwin is a fucking tool and by tool I do mean that he is a living human penis. This whole thing about him losing everything because he is a Christian is a fucking joke. He lost everything because he is a fucking asshole and a degenerate fecal freak.  No seriously shit just spews forth from this fucking idiot. I was going to go on and on about how this sick fucking attempt at making him a couple of dollars has done just that or poke fun at his ridiculous arguments for being born again but as his video says everybody is doing that.



Fuck Stick Douche Clown